Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist/ VBET

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Yerevan, Armenia
- Talent Sourcing and Headhunting: Utilize your exceptional headhunting skills to identify and engage top talent globally, employing various methods to source candidates who align with VBET's standards of excellence - Language Proficiency: Leverage your proficiency in English, Russian, and Armenian, both written and spoken, to effectively communicate with candidates and stakeholders from different linguistic backgrounds - Stakeholder Diplomatic Management: Apply your understanding of organizational hierarchy and stakeholder diplomatic management to foster positive relationships and ensure seamless collaboration with diverse stakeholders - International Hiring: Utilize your experience in international hiring to navigate global labor markets, employment laws, and cultural nuances, ensuring successful recruitment across international borders - Profile Analysis: Demonstrate expertise in analyzing candidate profiles, evaluating qualifications, skills, and cultural fit to ensure alignment with VBET's requirements and values - Conflict Resolution: Apply your conflict resolution skills to address any challenges that may arise during the recruitment process, ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved - Market Research and Analysis: Conduct market research and analysis to stay informed about industry trends,competitor practices, and emerging talent, enabling VBET to maintain a competitive edge in talent acquisition - Time Management and Prioritization: Exhibit exceptional time management and prioritization skills to handle a high volume of requisitions efficiently, ensuring timely and effective delivery of results
Required Qualifications
- Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related field - Minimum of 3 years of experience in talent acquisition, with a focus on international hiring and profile analysis - Proficiency in market research and analysis techniques - Conflict resolution skills and experience in resolving recruitment-related challenges.Exceptional negotiator and influencer skills to secure favorable terms and persuade candidates effectively - Strong organizing skills to streamline the recruitment process and maintain accurate records - Cross-cultural communication skills to interact effectively with candidates and stakeholders from diverse backgronds
Application Procedures
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