Affiliate Manager

Job Address
Application Deadline
Yerevan, Armenia
- Conduct comprehensive training sessions for staff members on how to effectively use the affiliate system, which can include live webinars, pre-recorded videos, step-by-step guides, and FAQs - Customize landing pages for clients to ensure they convey their brand message effectively and stand out from competitors - Support the creation of effective affiliate links and media assets - Provide timely support and assistance to clients through multiple channels - Conduct market research to help the partner with commission plan creation and other relevant needs Configure the system to clients' unique needs, including regional and language-specific settings - Work with clients to develop commission plans that align with market trends and incentivize affiliates to drive more conversions - Provide timely support and assistance to clients through multiple channels Assist clients in setting up contribution costs to manage budgets and ensure maximum ROI - Assist clients in creating effective affiliate links and media assets, such as banners and ads, to drive traffic and boost conversions
Required Qualifications
- Bachelor's degree in affiliate marketing, digital marketing, or a related field - At least 2-3 year of prior job experience required in a similar role - Strong understanding of performance marketing, conversion tracking, and online customer acquisition - Excellent communication, interpersonal, and project management skills - Experience with affiliate marketing software and tools, including but not limited to tracking links, creatives, and reporting - Ability to work independently and take ownership of project
Application Procedures
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