JavaScript Developer

DataArt Armenia
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Yerevan, Armenia
The client has developed an educational digital platform, which is a SaaS solution that automates processes during different stages of learning. The solution has already been implemented in secondary schools and for technical specialists working in banks. An expansion of the pilot project for general education schools is in the plans. There is also a payment service in active development to support selling digital goods through the platform. We're looking for a JavaScript Developer who would join our team to deliver a unique and quality solution for the client.
Required Qualifications
- Angular/React.js/Next.js proficiency with Flux/Redux - Strong HTML/CSS skills, including preprocessors - Responsive design and UI/UX knowledge - Modern JavaScript (ES6+), async programming - Experience with Typescript - Understanding of RESTful APIs, async handling - Redux or similar state management - Familiarity with Webpack/Babel - Node.js with Express.js - RESTful APIs, microservices experience - Authentication (JWT/OAuth), databases (MongoDB/MySQL) - Understanding of ORM/ODM libraries - Familiarity with testing frameworks (e.g., Jest, Mocha) - Spoken English
Application Procedures
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