Compliance Manager

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Yerevan, Armenia
- Develop, review, and implement compliance policies and procedures tailored to the iGaming Crypto sector - Stay abreast of cryptocurrency regulations, ensuring adherence to relevant laws and industry best practices - Manage and renew licenses, ensuring compliance with gaming regulations and licensing requirements unique to the industry domain - Conduct risk assessments to identify potential compliance issues in crypto transactions and gaming activities, proposing preventive measures - Oversee Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes for robust compliance in cryptocurrency transactions - Ensure compliance with regulations surrounding blockchain technology and smart contracts within the industry domain - Provide ongoing compliance training to employees, emphasizing the unique regulatory aspects of the industry - Act as the key point of contact with relevant regulatory bodies, staying informed about changes in laws and regulations specific to the industry - Conduct internal investigations in response to reported compliance issues, focusing on crypto transactions and gaming operations - Prepare and submit regular compliance reports to executive leadership, highlighting key metrics, risks, and activities within the iGaming Crypto compliance landscape
Required Qualifications
- Bachelor's degree in Law, Business, or a related field. Advanced degree or compliance certification is advantageous - Minimum of 3 years in a compliance role within the industry, with a proven track record in policy development and implementation - Deep understanding of cryptocurrency regulations, blockchain technology, and the unique compliance challenges. - Strong communication skills with the ability to convey complex compliance matters in a clear and understandable manner - Strong analytical skills to assess risks and identify compliance issues in the context of iGaming and cryptocurrency. - Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, fostering a culture of compliance within the organization - Proactive problem-solving skills with the ability to recommend and implement corrective actions in the rapidly evolving industry landscape
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