Senior Talent Management Specialist

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HR Management and Trainings
Yerevan, Armenia
- Oversee the design and implementation of an effective performance management system - Lead efforts to ensure performance goals are aligned with organizational objectives and provide ongoing feedback to drive excellence - Collaborate with department heads to establish clear and measurable performance goals for employees - Provide guidance and support to managers in conducting effective performance reviews - Analyze performance data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement - Stay updated on industry best practices and incorporate relevant advancements - Coordinate engagement surveys, analyze results, and drive initiatives based on feedback - Implement and manage pulse surveys to gather real-time feedback on employee sentiment - Analyze exit interview data to identify trends and areas for improvement in the employee experience - Participate in implementing strategies to enhance overall employee engagement and satisfaction - Implement and manage employee recognition programs to celebrate achievements
Required Qualifications
- Bachelor’s degree in business, or a related field - 3-4 years of experience in talent management, with a focus on performance management - Proven ability to design and oversee effective performance management systems - Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills - Proven ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment - Strong presentation skills: ability to communicate findings, recommendations, and strategies effectively through engaging and informative presentations
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