Customer Care Junior Specialist

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Yerevan, Armenia
Performance objectives 1. The first objective is to assure an ideal customer experience: This means you are genuinely excited about helping customers while responding to a wide array of questions, mainly via live chat and emails. Proven experience in any kind of Customer Service matters, however, what we value more is: Being highly fluent in English։ Besides just loving to speak English, you are also very good at writing in it. You will communicate and build sustainable relationships with English-speaking customers worldwide. The main channels of communication are email and live chat. - Being customer-oriented: You will act as a liaison between Joomag and its customers, providing product information in an accurate way and constantly improving based on customer feedback. - Being a problem-solver: Customers will contact you because they have a technical problem. It is your responsibility to proactively analyze the entire situation, provide relevant information, and offer the best solution. - Being able to listen to others: You will need to adapt to different types of characters and personalities. Put yourself in our customers’ shoes and advocate for them. - Being flexible: You must be agile as you’ll receive a wide range of different inquiries (technical, billing, etc.). You will need to collect all the relevant information and reply within the scope of our goals and objectives. - Being tech-savvy: The following is a list of tools that you will frequently use: Intercom, Atlassian, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, and TeamViewer. Our onboarding program will help you ease into your new role, and several mentor shadow sessions will teach you everything you need to know about your position. Any experience with other tech tools is considered a plus. 2. The second objective is to "Work Like a Team, Live Like a Family.” - We spend a lot of time together. As a result, we’ve come to know each other as a family. We take care of our own, celebrate success, learn through failure, and respect each other regardless of our different viewpoints. So, you’ll need to: - Demonstrate reliability։ Do your fair share of work hard and meet company milestones. Consistency is key! - Be a team player: We build team synergy by fully committing to our work. You are expected to find ways to work together with different departments (specifically, the Engineering and Sales/Success teams) to solve complex problems. - Share openly and willingly: Everyone at Joomag feels comfortable talking to one another and sharing their opinions. - It is essential that you remain willing to share your knowledge and unique experiences so that other team members can learn from them. Final notes: - The working schedule is as follows: Monday to Friday, one working week: from 10 AM to 7 PM, another one: from 6 PM to 3 AM (both shifts are mandatory, we provide safe transportation for the night shift) Joomag’s Armenia office is located on Saryan Street.
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Hiring Stages The full hiring cycle can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to complete. You will receive feedback throughout the entire process so that you are always updated. 1. Test: Lasts 30 mins. If you passed the initial screening then you’ll receive the online test designed to assess your logical and overall thinking abilities. 2. HR Interview: Lasts ~40 minutes. You will meet with HR Representative to review your career goals together. Knowledge-based and experience-based questions will be asked in order to assess your skills. 3. Professional Interview: Lasts ~40 minutes. You will be invited to an interview with our Customer Care Team Lead, Ani Stepanyan. During the interview, we’ll dig deeper into a Customer Care Junior Specialist’s job profile at Joomag and discuss some professional topics with you. Please mention in your application that you have learned about this position from
Additional Information
Joomag’s work culture thrives on open communication and the exchange of ideas. Our team members are not only known for their high level of professionalism but also for their passion and enthusiasm for improvement. Getting results and being effective is important to us; we dream big and work smarter every day. Our Customer Service Department has a significant impact on the success of Joomag as it creates a strong, lasting impression on customers. That is why both teams in the department (Customer Care and Customer Success) build successful long-term relationships with our customers and put their wishes at the forefront of Joomag’s operations. Now we welcome a talented Customer Care Junior Specialist to provide product/services information and resolve any emerging problems that our customers might face with accuracy and efficiency.