Consultancy for Providing Market Survey

WWF Armenia Foundation
Job Address
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Sales & Marketing
Yerevan, Armenia
Scope of Work: Conduct a full market research in Armenia to identify potential corporate partnership and fundraising opportunities for WWF including the following tasks: - Provide the suggested work plan of the activities and methodologies of the research - Analyse current and future investment of the business sector in environmental sustainability and marketing with a cause - Provide an overview of other NGOs in the market and their offer to corporates - Map the relevant corporate sectors and list potential partner companies for each sector considering WWF’s Corporate Strategy - Analyse sustainability trends in the private sector (nationally and internationally) - Identify needs and expectations of potential corporate partners - Identify the "triggers"/ drivers of the corporate sector in Armenia leading to investment in environmental sustainability by region - Identify the potential areas of partnership and fundraising opportunities and provide recommendations on the types of partnerships and corporate relationships of WWF with private companies, in the face of the new economic panorama - Provide the recommendations on creation of the effective proposal and the strategy to engage with the potential partners - Action plan for fundraising and corporate relations in consideration of changing dynamics (economic and social crisis) Deliverables: - Provide a pre-finalized draft version of the research for the detailed review, deliver an updated version of the research based on suggestions or additions on draft version - Deliver a final report of the market research, that includes the analysis of the corporate landscape in the country, the potential donors identified, and recommended strategy to engage with them - Provide the draft version of the engagement strategy
Required Qualifications
Based on these terms of reference, organisations or legal entities must present their technical and methodological proposal for the design and implementation of the research. The proposal must include the methodological tools to be used, the list of specific experience required in the ToRs, the list of specific experience in the corporate sector with NGOs, and the detailed budget proposal for the development of the activities.
Application Procedures
The technical proposal and resume of the consultant should be submitted to: and by the deadline. Please mention in your application that you have learned about this position from
Additional Information
Consultancy for Providing Market Survey and Strengthening the Corporate Relationship Strategy for WWF-Armenia. Time Frame: The duration of the contract will be defined according to the work plan proposed by the Consultant, with a maximum duration of two (2) months between the execution of the consultancy until the testing and adjustment to the strategy. Start date: 31 March 2023 First draft of the research report: 30 April 2023 Final report with findings: 11 May 2023 Engagement strategy draft: 19 May 2023