Project Manager for IT Development

Checchi and Company Consulting , Inc.
Job Address
Application Deadline
Yerevan, Armenia
The PM will work in close cooperation with the Corruption Prevention Commission (CPC) and the Armenia Integrity Project (AIP) to coordinate the process of development of the Electronic Platform for Declarations of Assets, Incomes, Expenditures, and Interests (“Contract”), including: - Serve as key coordinator and advisor of the Project Management Unit for the development of the electronic platform of declarations - In collaboration with the IT consultant (IFES-funded) tasked with the development of a scope of work for an integrated electronic reporting system for political finance (political party and campaign finance), ensure coordination and harmonization of the political party finance digitization work with other digitization work streams - Serve on the CPC Steering Committee which will oversee the Project Management Unit of digital work streams - Contribute to determining the rules for the verification of reports through analysis of the current methodology and communication with key stakeholders - Participate in and contribute to the discussions of the Steering Committee on the establishment of the electronic system - Assess the progress on software development on a weekly basis and make recommendations on improvement of the process - Monitor penetration and performance testing and implement related corrections - Facilitate communication between all involved parties and mitigate problems that arise Deliverable - Minutes of the Steering Committee and working groups established by the Steering Committee - Summary reports of the problems related to the development and launch of the electronic asset system and suggested solutions - 3 Interim reports on the progress made during of the development of the system - Final report on the development, testing, and launch of the system
Required Qualifications
- At least 4 years of proven experience as an IT Project Manager - Experience working on large-scale software projects - Excellent knowledge of software and application design and architecture - Bachelor's degree in business or computer science
Application Procedures
To apply, submit a brief cover letter and resume to: Please mention in your application that you have learned about this position from
Additional Information
Checchi and Company Consulting, an international development firm based in the United States, is implementing the USAID-funded Armenia Integrity Project. The purpose of the Integrity Project is to reduce opportunities for corruption and reinforce public demand for improved governance and accountability in Armenia by strengthening corruption prevention institutions and integrity systems, supporting the implementation of specific legal-regulatory measures for corruption prevention, and facilitating a collective action approach to hold local entities engaged in corruption prevention mutually accountable. Checchi is seeking a qualified expert for the position of Project Manager (PM) for IT development to assist the Corruption Prevention Commission (CPC) with oversight and coordination of key CPC digitization efforts including the development of an electronic platform for declarations of Assets, Incomes, Expenditures, and Interests in accordance with the contract requirements and CPC’s requests. Also, the PM will coordinate the development of an integrated electronic reporting system for political finance (political party and campaign finance) in collaboration with the Political Party Finance IT Consultant. Note: the political finance electronic reporting system scope of work development will be led by an IFES-funded IT consultant thus the Checchi-funded Project Manager will ensure coordination of all CPC digital work streams. The Project Manager will also collaborate with the CPC’s IT assessment team which will be conducting an IT assessment of the CPC’s digitization needs during the initial phases of the Project Manager’s work in the above areas.