Operations Center Engineer

Job Address
Application Deadline
Yerevan, Armenia
- Monitor and troubleshoot internal and external services used by ServiceTitan SaaS applications - Participate in 24/5 shift rotation - Collaborate with application and infrastructure owners to resolve performance issues - Identify areas of importance to develop, update and improve - Work with tools, scripts and interfaces to mature current monitoring and alerting capabilities
Required Qualifications
- Must have a good command of English language - Must have one or more strong IT technical skills - Good documentation skills - Experience of incident management - Experience with system/application monitoring and alerting tools - Strong passion to extend IT skills and passion to learn new things - Natural networking person, to pass information or to extract information. - Knowledge of other languages is a pluse Preferred Skills (if you have one of the following skills, this will be significant bonus) - C# programming, MSSQL databases, Cloud (Azure and/or AWS) - JIRA, DataDog, Kibana (ELK), Opsgenie - Certifications are a plus: ITIL and/or familiarity with other frameworks
Application Procedures
Please follow this link: https://servicetitan.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/ServiceTitan/job/Yerevan-Armenia/NOC-Engineer--ARM-_JR100546 and fill out the form in order to apply for this position. Please mention in your application that you have learned about this position from MyJob.am
Additional Information
ServiceTitan operations center will own a wide variety of responsibilities from deep technical duties in DevOps, incident management and documentation, processes management, monitoring of a diverse range of technical services and interact with most of technical teams. To support ServiceTitan fast growing technical teams and cloud infrastructure, we are building three shifts with two engineers per shift to be able to provide 24/5 coverage. Armenia team of four engineers will cover two shifts during the day and night hours will be covered by our 3rd shift in the United States. Operations team will be managed by the Operations Center Manager located in Armenia. We are looking for interesting, smart and diverse people. Full of energy, passion and ready to move fast but at the same time patient and realistic, understanding that others around you might need time and patience.