Software Engineer II

Workfront Armenia
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Yerevan, Armenia
- Create new features using our development technologies that will delight and inspire marketers, IT professionals, and other knowledge workers worldwide - Working with your team to break down tasks, identify dependencies and define implementation plans for your upcoming sprint - Create object-oriented designs for basic features or modules with simplicity and performance in mind - Troubleshoot and debug all problems in your team’s area of responsibility to improve overall quality and increase your knowledge and expertise within our platform - Show off your work to QA and Product teams to demonstrate not only that your solution works, but that you have also accounted and tested that it scales - Aid your teammates in developing and adhering to design principles and patterns to ensure the quality and capability of the Workfront platform is high and remains there
Required Qualifications
- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering (or equivalent education) or equivalent work experience - 3-5 years of programming experience with 2+ years of recent experience in languages and/or technology in use at Workfront (Java, Spring, Docker, AWS. Nice to have JavaScript, React) - Demonstrate basic knowledge of Database basics such as joins, constraints, stored procedures, triggers and schema design - Show that you understand basic and advanced design patterns and have the ability to write code for handling problems involving inter-process communications, multi-threading, parallelization, etc. - Be able to speak to a time when you were able to dive into someone else’s code and make an optimization to it without rewriting the whole thing - Ability to describe concepts and whiteboard designs dealing with high-availability and redundancy - Experience researching solutions to complex problems and pitching your ideas to senior team members Now, Blow Our Minds by Having: - Demonstrate real experience with real-time or distributed systems that not only perform at mass-scale, but can also be upgraded automatically or during peak volume periods - Exude an inner passion and drive to not only learn something new but apply it effectively and teach others all about what you discovered - Show that you have the ability to lead by example and take on challenges that you either aren’t comfortable with or no one else wants and deliver because you know how to get the job done at all costs
Application Procedures
To apply for this job, please follow the link: Please mention in your application that you have learned about this position from
Additional Information
As a Software Engineer at Workfront, you will work with your Engineering team and partner with Product Management to take ideas for Workfront’s products and turn them into realized features in our Work Automation Cloud platform. You will work in an Agile environment and estimate assigned work, create OO designs, provide task breakdowns and implement features and micro-services using Java, web technologies (JavaScript, React, HTML5), multiple frameworks (Spring, Docker, AWS, GCP), and data technologies (RDBMS, NoSQL, Kafka, Spark, ElasticSearch). As a Software Engineer II you will use your knowledge and experience to own features or enhancements assigned to you and deliver them along with your software engineering team. You will be expected to push the envelope consistently, expanding your capabilities and those of the Workfront platform at the same time. Your technical responsibilities will be honed and leadership responsibilities will emerge as you begin to master your craft.