Data Scientist
Job Address
Application Deadline
Yerevan, Armenia
- Based on the product requirements brought forward by the product team, do data analysis on the feasibility of introducing intelligence into production software. The candidate is expected to possess very good fluency in both - SQL and in analytical tools such as Python Panda - Build machine learning models using state-of-the-art algorithms such as XGBoost, Scikit-Learn - The individual is expected to develop software using both Python and C#, that will be deployed in production settings where both scalability and robustness are essential - Perform experiments with various feature engineering methods such as categorical encodings, dimensionality reduction techniques, and possess intuition to explain why certain features would work, while others would fail for a given category of algorithms - Possess in-depth understanding of accuracy metrics and optimization metrics used in both regression algorithms and classification algorithms - Independently build a machine learning pipelines that generalize very well to the unseen test data, without over or under fitting the training data - ServiceTitan seeks excellence and supports learning activities. The individual is expected to demonstrate continuous improvement by expanding horizons, with the ability to conduct research on algorithms and solutions independently - The individual is expected to possess more than three years of relevant experience in either software development or in analytical roles with at least one year of dedicated machine learning experience
Required Qualifications
- MSc or BSc with 2+ years of experience in relevant fields - Ability to build software systems with at least one year of demonstrated experience - Ability to mine the data to propose and validate hypotheses independently
Application Procedures
Please follow this link: and fill out the form in order to apply for this position. Please mention in your application that you have learned about this position from
Additional Information
The data science team is responsible for bringing state-of-the-art machine algorithms for performing value prediction, demand forecasting, recommendations, lift analysis, churn prediction etc. We are looking to add another rockstar data scientist to the team.