Full-Stack Engineer
Job Address
Application Deadline
Yerevan, Armenia
- Design, Develop, Test and Implement Software to deliver world class courses and interactive learning experiences - Review code from your peers and collaborate as a team on architecture and technology selection - Scale and fortify applications for both performance and resilience in cloud environments - Solve complex problems and find exceptional ways to realize the product roadmap Tech Stack: - Node.js / Express Services - React / Redux Client Applications - PostgreSQL - HTML / CSS / Javascript - Google Cloud / Kubernetes
Required Qualifications
- 2+ years experience as a Full Stack Engineer - Extensive experience with Javascript in React and Express - Strong relational and schemaless DB design in Postgres and Mongo - Familiarity with Functional Reactive Paradigm and Streams - Experience writing containerized applications that run on kubernetes - Impeccable verbal and written English language skills Additionally, you might be a good fit if: - You have implemented asynchronous interservice communication with Kafka - You have deployed applications to Google Container Engine - You have instrumented code for Distributed tracing, logging, and monitoring in Stackdriver - You have developed services with both GraphQL and RESTful design
Application Procedures
Please apply through this link: https://bit.ly/2Nav3dB Please mention in your application that you have learned about this position from MyJob.am
Additional Information
Jumpcut is a school for digital entrepreneurs. Over 100 million people in America want to be their own boss and start their own businesses. Our goal is to help people start successful businesses in every area of digital entrepreneurship. Whether you want to become a YouTube influencer, start your own eCommerce shop, or start freelancing, our courses give you step by step instruction to actualizing your goals. In addition to online courses, we heavily invest in our best students, and give them strategic and operational support to grow even faster. Role Overview: We are expanding the whole engineering team here at Jumpcut. We are rebuilding our learning platform to create interactive experiences that enhance students’ experiences. At the same time, our best-in-class marketing system is being rebuilt as well. This person will help us implement our goal microservices architecture and scale it for years to come.