Sr. Software Engineer, Front End

Job Address
Application Deadline
Yerevan, Armenia
- Architect efficient and reusable front-end solutions driving complex web applications - Participate in re-imagining our client-side application architecture - Solve challenges on the edge of old and new front-end technologies - Develop and maintain sufficient test coverage for all features - Optimize performance heavy parts of existing applications - Mentor less experienced developers
Required Qualifications
- Very strong understanding of core Javascript without third-party libraries and/or frameworks; especially prototypical inheritance and the orchestration of multiple asynchronous API calls via callbacks, promises, and async/await. - Very strong understanding of ES6+ additions to Javascript and their relationship to pre-ES6 concepts - Experience creating or maintaining large React applications (over 100 components) with Higher-Order components, Redux, and React Router - Experience creating or maintaining JSON Web APIs backed by relational databases in any strongly-typed back end development framework. Should be comfortable with MVC, Dependency Injection and ORM concepts - Experience writing Unit Tests (Server or Client Side) - Familiarity with browser based web storage APIs such as WebSQL, IndexedDB, localStorage - B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent - Knowledge of commonly used algorithms and data structures - 5+ years of JavaScript experience involving: . heavy use of core, framework agnostic JavaScript . heavy use of one of the well-known UI libraries (React, Angular, Knockout.js, etc.) . building reusable UI components . interaction with external APIs . asynchronous programming + promises . solving UI-related performance problems. - 3+ years of HTML/CSS experience - 3+ years working in any strongly-typed server-side web application framework - An ability to learn fast and passion for learning - Good communication and technical writing skills.
Application Procedures
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Additional Information
You will be part of the Engineering team at ServiceTitan to help improve our products and building new ones. We provide exciting opportunities engineers to come in and develop the major features in the rapidly growing startup. We build for perfection, use the most modern tools on Microsoft .NET platform, have an amazing culture, and love to solve complex problems. ServiceTitan is looking for a Senior Front-End Engineer to help us build smart, compelling and intuitive client-side applications for our products. This is an exciting role for an engineer to come in and develop the major client-side features in a rapidly growing, fast-paced startup. We build for product excellence, focus on smart solutions through innovation and technology, have an amazing growth-oriented culture, and love to solve complex problems. If you share the same values, you should consider joining us in our efforts to achieve the extraordinary! You will be primarily responsible for creating and maintaining complex client-side applications for our mobile or desktop products. Some tasks will require understanding and modifying server-side APIs written in a strongly-typed web application framework. You will work with Product, Design, Backend, and Quality Assurance to develop scalable, rock-solid, production ready features. You will be expected to iterate rapidly while delivering high-quality output.