Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO
Public Relations and Communications officer
Job Address
Application Deadline
Yerevan, Armenia
- Prepare organization’s information and representation materials - Make translations from foreign languages in Armenian and vice versa - To spread information about the organization and to communicate through social media - Prepare and update the media contact database and ensure regular contacts with the media - Develop press releases and public statements - Organize press conferences - Externally represent the organisation - Attend staff meetings - Submit monthly reports of performed activities and work - Take over other responsibilities of the organization, if necessary - Participate in development of of printed and other types of materials - Ensure uninterrupted work and update of the official website of the organization - Develop and dissiminate monthly newsletters
Required Qualifications
- Higher education in journalism, public relations or IT - Computer (MS Office, Graphic Design programs) and online communication skills - Fluent knowledge of English, Russian and Armenian / writing and communication skills/ - Photography skills - Being creative and good team player - Initiative - Punctuality and responsibility - At least one year of work experience in the field - Knowledge of Trans and the LGBIQ community's issues and needs and the ability to work with the community are mandatory
Application Procedures
Please send your CVs to rightsidengo@gmail.com e-mail. Mention “Public Relations and Communications officer” in the subject field. Please mention in your application that you have learned about this position from MyJob.am
Additonal Information
“Right Side” human rights defender organization is looking for a public relations and communications officer. - Working hours: 13.00-20.00